Machine Washable does NOT mean Machine Dryable…

So yeah, I washed Big Sack to get her ready to wear to work one day. And I DRIED her too. Hubby had her hanging over the shower curtain pole to dry. I guess he figured he’d already learned that yarn stuff= no machines, whatsoever. I grabbed it like an idiot and put her in the dryer.  And now, she’s fuzzy. Not felted, but fuzzy. I’ll defintely need a lint shaver for her. Oh, and did I mention, she shrank!? Yep, Big Sack is now Normal-sized Sack.  And to beat the band, somehow there’s a hole in one sleeve where the new yarn join came loose.  Lovely.

I had some socks I was knitting(see last post), and managed to misplace the first sock. Way to go, Bean! But good news. I found the missing wing nut for my ball winder so now can knit the bulky mittens. Only now, I don’t need to since I found a nice pair of chenille gloves at the store. So, plans have changed and now the yarn will be a hat of some sort. Any inspiration would be greatly appreciated.

I know, I haven’t been posting lately. But I haven’t been knitting lately. Been in a funk. I think I need to overhaul my needle collection, that’s what it is. I’m always finding myself ready to start a project and discover I don’t have the right needle.  I spend so much energy on yarn and forget I need tools to work with the stuff.

I missed Smiley’s Annual Hotel Sale. And you know what? I almost don’t care. I heard about all the goodies that were there, but in the end I realized I don’t need more yarn to take up room here. I have a huge bag of cottons I didn’t even put a dent in save for a few dishcloths from almost two months ago. I am shameless. Toddler cardigans/spring sweaters,  here I come!


4 responses to “Machine Washable does NOT mean Machine Dryable…

  1. Does Big Sack still fit, even with the shrinking?

  2. I know what you mean Bean. Think I need a needle overhaul too. If you wanna swap metal addi dpns for wooden ones…

  3. Hey there!

    Enjoyed meeting you on Saturday – even though i needed to run out early.

    I missed the smiley’s sale too -probably just as well.

  4. Needle organizers unite! I need to organize mine, too. The singles and the circs are mostly organized, but the dpns are scattered all over the place because somebody *cough* me *cough* uses them to put up her hair and leaves them about.

    I’m in stash-busting mode, so I understand about missing a big sale.

    Hope the sweater can be rescued.

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