20051118_img_0001Booga is finally dry and Look at her!! My first booga didn’t come out properly. It wasn’t as tall as this one; that is a 2 liter bottle standing next to it. Booga is empty. I’m still comtemplating putting a lining/zipper in her. I’ll try her out today and see.

I’m going to carry this sock 20051118_img_0001_1 I’m working on in the bag. The only thing I don’t like about unlined bags is that when you take knitting in them, the needles poke through the sides, hence the need for a lining. But I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to sewing, which is why I’m reluctant to try it!

I have that dyed Lamb’s Pride Bulky waiting to be wound into a ball for these mittens.  But since someone who shall remain nameless got ahold of my ball winder and LOST my wing nut to clamp it to the table.. I can’t use it til  I get another nut.. Wonderful. Off to the hardware store I go!  


3 responses to “Updates…

  1. Such a great color for Booga! And the stripe colors…so fall like! Me likey!! Will you come over and teach me how to do a lining? I’ve got a booga that could use one…

  2. Great bag! well done and wonderful colors…
    a lining is simple, give it a try… ;0)

  3. I love the Booga — it came out great!


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