Straight Snot? Wavy Booga!

Yeah. I know. Sorry about that. But I have been working on projects.  Remember the goodie bag I mentioned receiving at the Knitty cruise? It had inside a ball of Cascade 220 and a ball of Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe. I planned to use the Cascade along with another ball of it for a Wavy scarf. But, upon reaching The Point, I learned they were not planning on carrying either of those yarns(anymore). What a rip! So, I was left to make some changes.

I used both the balls for the scarf even though they’re different consistencies/thickness. I’d found on the ‘net some Wavy FO’s that were striped–though I don’t recall if it was just different colors of the same yarn or different yarns– and decided to do the same. This is the result:

Wanna know something weird? The Gedifra yarn was very Noro Kureyon-like, in terms of texture and ply(or lack thereof). But, it’s not 100% wool. It’s actually a wool/acyrlic  blend. And the best part of all? The Cascade is SUPERWASH!, No handwashing! Weeeeee

What’s that on my head, you ask? Wavybooga2That’s my second ever Booga Bag. I had 3 skeins of Kureyon laying around for a while so I decided it was time to use it. I don’t know if I bought it with another Booga in mind or what. But that’s what it’s going to be. The strap is done and all it needs now is a trip through  the island of Kenmore!

What’s next? I’ve got 3 skeins of creme colored Lamb’s Pride Bulky. I’m thinking, dye it and make it a hat and mittens. Big honkin’ mittens. Will 3 be enough? We’ll see!


2 responses to “Straight Snot? Wavy Booga!

  1. I love that bugga bag!! The scarf looks great too, I guess its getting cool enough here I can actually start using the 3 scarves I got from the summer scarve swap LOL they are so nice! You’ve been busy getting stuff done! How’s bean doing though?? *hugs*

  2. Love both! They said they weren’t carrying the fashion stripe? I saw some there on Tuesday. Not the color that I got, but a bunch of different shades.

    Hey, for 12/3…call before you leave work and see who’s here…maybe you can still come. I REALLY want you to make it…

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