I’m in Need!

or so Google says. I know, I don’t do meme’s anymore but some of the ones I’ve seen have been hilarious and it’s really simple to apply. Just take your name with the word ‘needs’ next to it, and google the phrase and post the best ones! Here’s mine:

Tamara needs some more artwork to liven the site up a bit.

Tamara needs to catch up with the times and become aware of the new technologies
of today.

Tamara needs names of people that the other core services might want to send.

Tamara needs to spend £120 on an advert in local papers.

Tamara needs themes for Planning Committee meeting tomorrow.

Tamara needs to work on harmonies for a vocal piece she is learning for church.

Tamara needs to live a full life without limits.


Tamara needs to buy motor oil to fill the 7 empty cylindrical barrels at her oil
service center.

Tamara needs to meet with Ben to discuss options.

     and the best one yet out of three pages…

Tamara needs money to fend off the freakshow.

I wonder if Ben will help me with that last one.. lol


7 responses to “I’m in Need!

  1. Bean needs a wash on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
    bean needs a persistence delegate is because you want to …
    bean needs to provide access to a client outside of the ..
    Bean does not need to locate and instantiate these classes using …

    just a few more needs for ya 😡 How are you doing????

  2. Hee. Very fun. Sadly, with my less-than-common name, most of the stuff that comes up is in Finnish! 🙂

  3. I didn’t know you had an oil service center. 😉

    When I did that, I ended up with a lot of entries about mothers. Weird…

  4. Tamara needs more time for knittin’… and bloggin’!!!!

  5. ROTFLMAO!!!!

    “Mary Needs the lamb in School!!!!” (and there was a bunch of stuff about the Virgin Mary..)

    Thanks for the amusment Bean!

  6. Besides about fifty “Lisa needs braces!” my favorite was “Lisa needs to complete her full hat”. *blink* How did Google know I was going to make a hat?!


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