Progress, Updates and… KNITTY!

Oh man, where do I start? Well ok, let’s go straight to brass tacks(is that how they say that?). The Fall Knitty is up!! While I’ll admit nothing this issue really jumps at me screaming, ‘Knit Me!’, I’m VERY pleased that a majority of the patterns will actually FIT me. Truth be told, I can’t attest to that seeing as it seems the majority of them were modeled/demo’d in the smallest sizes. But that’s ok. I’m sure something this issue will get me to warm up to it, sooner or later.

Speaking of progress, I’m about a 3rd of the way into the second Shimmer2 sleeve. I made these sleeves a bit shorter than the first. Sorry, no point in pics just yet. I’ll wait until I’ve joined them to the body.

Have you seen the Fall Vogue Knitting International? It too has a few patterns I’m sure will fit me and I LOVE the basketweave hoodie on page 74!! Of course I’ll be subbing yarns but hey, what’s a broke girl to do? Ok, actually there doesn’t seem to be a retailer who’s actually selling  the yarn called for, Nashua Handknits’ Equinox Stripe. Everywhere I look, it’s ‘ coming soon’. And it’s prolly really expensive anyway. Elann, here I come! 🙂


I do have some pictures of the hamster babies.. Yeah, they are 3 weeks old and OMG they are huge! I almost can’t distinguish them from their parents. Who, by the way, are now taking care of them seperately; Batman has the boys with him full time, and Catwoman has her girls. There are 5 of them and 4 of those, respectively. See them?  There’s Catwoman and the girls :
Batman and the fellas:

And here’s a cute little pic of mama Catwoman and one of her babies, taken last week:        Awwhowprecious_1               

Finally, I was tagged with a meme the other day. I’m sorry but I don’t have answers. And I don’t really like passing them around either. If anyone has questions they’d like to ask to get to know me better, I’ll be more than happy to answer, but not in the form of a questionnaire. They no longer excite me(did they ever?). This is going to be a very full, busy year and I can’t even THINK straight let alone remember 5 of anything. Fingers and toes per hand and foot, and that’s about it. Sorry, guys(and gals!).


4 responses to “Progress, Updates and… KNITTY!

  1. Hey Bean. 🙂

    Cute rats! I mean hamsters, of course. 🙂 And I’m excited about some of the knitty patterns for fall, too. I’m not even caught up from all the stash expansion I did for the spring patterns, though. *blush*

  2. Yeah, there is something a little bit like chain letters about those memes, isn’t there? I like your answer: five fingers, five toes. There are days I’m lucky to count that high.

  3. I’m with ya on the memes, and on the pleasure of having Vogue Knitting patterns come in actual human sizes!

  4. I too am crazy about that basketweave hoodie in Vogueknitting! (That’s how I found your site, by googling for info on that pattern and yarn.) Can you tell me what yarn you subbed for the Nashua? Thanks!

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