What a week!

First hot and then soggy. In fact, I went to run errands today and I swear every time I got off a bus or left a train station it started raining.. HARD. But trudge on I did. Went to see about some more  yarn for a second Shimmer but I decided against it because my pants were soaked from the knee down. Lovely. I made another OSW using some WoolEase I had laying around and this is the result:

It’s a little too small. In fact, it’s so small it fits my 8 year old. Don’t ask. I could have sworn it was on gauge. But she loves it and that’s all that matters. Speaking of children, thought I’d show you some pics of us at the 23rd Annual Dominican Day Parade, 2005.


We had a ball, and then it proceeded to rain on us. Been sniffling and sneezing ever since. Ugh. 

I know I promised some better Shimmer pics but that will have to wait. Instead I’ve got update pics of Catwoman and her little brood. All nine babies are still with us, growing up so fast!! 1 week old : 20050818_img_0005

Mama is a little stir crazy from being cooped up in the nest nursing all the time. I let her out and she started chewing my shirt. Poor thing. Even animals can get post partum depression, I guess. Don’t tell that to Tom Cruise though. I’m sure he’d have a field day refuting that idea.

So, back to the knitting, you say. Next on the needles? Probably some felted potholders(remember the lavendar easter egg-dyed-yarn from the previous post? yeah.) Striped with some VERY bright Kool Aid red(2 packs strawberry one pack orange!). And perhaps a pair of socks.

It’s getting cooler little by little. Almost time to show of Shimmer and OSW in public. Maybe I’ll even have pics of that. And…

I’m a-going on a cruise! Well, not an extravagant one in the Caribbean(I wish). Knitty’s 3rd Anniversary is coming up and The Point is throwing a mini-cruise to celebrate it! Knitters from all over the Tri-state area will be coming into the city to enjoy a few hours of knitting camraderie. I can’t wait!!!


6 responses to “What a week!

  1. Ooh, it’s nice to see a pic of the whole family! 🙂 Love that shirt on you.

    Can’t wait for the cruise as well!

  2. well how the heck are ya?? *hugs* I’ll try to send an pic of the yarn tomorrow. I like it, but its somehow smaller than I thought it would be :lol I guess I’m still used to buying by the ounceage :p

  3. Nice pics! It looks like all of you had a really good time. 🙂

    Oooooo! And a cruise… *so jealous!* 😛 Have fun!

  4. You have been so productive lately! I am taking a minute to catch up with how you are, so young to be a grandma, and NINE no less! How did they all fit? I guess you could make a really really really long tunnel with plastic tubes all along your ceiling,and they could scurry about up there.Turn your whole house into a hobbit trail. You got Shimmer done! I jsut left out the lace pattern when I made mine, so I couldnt give you any advice when you asked. I miss having you be my SP, now I have a new one…weaselrina, she lives in NY too. However, you will always be my favorite SP#3 .Take care of your huge family, and your own self too! Love, Seven.

  5. Forgot. I found someone who sells nostepinnes (which I cant pronounce, or even pretend to) for $13. I can wind a ball of skeined yarn in a nice short time, it is very small and cheap. Then she has some niddy noddies too, they are to wind up the dyed long yarn into skeins. Then the nostie to make center pull balls. I think the biggest niddy noddie is $18. The company is called the tail spinner, and I would cut and paste but am afraid I will loose this if I do. I love my nostie, it takes up no room at all. You can find them under accessories, I think thats what.It isnt a company, but a nice lady who just had her first grandchild, they were expecting a hampster, but it turned into a baby girl!

  6. http://www.tail-spinner.com/accessoriesk.htm There. I didnt loose you. I want some more. I dont have a niddy noddy yet, but then I dont need one, either. But DD is starting to dye, so she does. Now you have 3 new giant posts! Isnt that a treat!!!! Love, Seven.

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