Wooooooooo. A knitty chatter recommended a Canon Powershot digital camera to me, and I got one. I like it way better than the FUJI Finepix I used to have. Which started acting funny after two years. The Powershot only takes 2 batteries(not 4 like the FUJI) and it’s smaller and easier to hold. I like that the lens cover is automatic, which means no dangling lens cover getting in the way. I’ve been snapping pics with it ever since and this is what I’ve got:

Img_0041That’s the OSW I dyed about two weeks ago. Finally able to get a halfway decent pic. Still a tad blurry as I was trying to hold the cam still and snap with one finger. And no flash.

Img_0031There’s the front. I do plan to make another one of these sometime soon. Just have to find the right yarn for it.

Img_0022Tada!!! Shimmer! I wasn’t thinking when I shot this one. Forgot I’d need a dark shirt to showcase the lace pattern.


ShimmerbackThen again, I’m not sure I want to do that since I flubbed it. This one is getting done again too, only I’ve learned where my mistake was. Also on the agenda is to participate in the SparKAL by reknitting Shimmer in the original yarn, Lion Brand Glitterspun.

Guess what? I’m a grandma! Ok, not really ( my kids are all under 10), but my hamster Catwoman delivered 9 babies  Wednesday night. I was awakened by hubby who asked me " Is it too soon to call you gramma?" I shot up and went to look(I wasn’t really sure if she was pregnant or not, she didn’t seem that big and I don’t know when she and Batman ‘met’). And behold:
Img_0017Img_0020There’s the little baseball team and their mama! Goodness, I can’t believe they’re here. I’ve been asking around and I may have homes for a few of them already.  Hubby’s balking at giving them away, I think he loves the little boogers even more than I do.

ETA: This is some yarn I dyed last night with PAAS Easter egg dye–yes I know, it’s August. I bought extra because I wanted to try dyeing with it but never got around to it. This was the purple tablet I believe. Purple_eggdye_yarn

This will probably turn into a potholder or some other felted object. Stay tuned.


2 responses to “PICS!!!

  1. Love the colours on the OSW and Shimmer certainly looks comfortable!

  2. congrats on being a grandma 😡

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