Take a guess!

I’ve finished the One Skein Wonder but it’s on hold while I decide if I want to dye it and what color. Also my digital camera has taken a dump so I won’t have too many pics on here for a while. My camera phone just doesn’t do the projects justice and I refuse to resort to those disposable cameras. By the time I spend on 5 developments I could have just got a new camera.

Here’s what I’m working on now…:

I know, not a really good pic but if you’re an avid  Knitty-er.. you can guess what I’m working on. I’m not telling til I’ve finished more of it.. It’s coming along nicely, made in Cascade Lana D’oro Tweed. I snagged two bags of it from WEBS when they were clearing out the closeouts and discontinued yarns. I can see what my former SP3 was gushing about.. it’s just so soft on the hands.. My only regret is that it’s tweed which means dyeing the final object will prove to be tricky. For the record, THIS particular project will remain it’s natural color. But anything I make out of the extras will be dyed. That ought to be interesing…

So, any ideas what color I should dye OSW? Right now(sorry, no pic), it’s a tan-ish beige with cream edging. Which aren’t bad colors actually. And they kind of go with anything. But the color difference is SO obvious it’s not funny.

OSW kind of got me back into the knitting frenzy I used to enjoy. Not quite, but almost. I still lack the sufficient time I’d like to spend on projects but at least I’m a bit more focused on what I want to work on. I still haven’t figured out what I’ll do with the ribbon yarn I am not using for X-back. Gee I’m gonna miss having that tank. Oh well.

What’s up with IK Fall 2005? I had a copy in my hands at The Point and dumb me didn’t buy it. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was wrapped up in trying to find just the right  book to help me short row that nasty thongsock I was trying to alter. I wound up having to wait til I got home to search the net for an answer but I came home with a neat little sock pattern book.  I hope to dig into that before long and maybe use up the tremendous sock stash I’ve accumulated in the last oh.. 12 months? I’m a little worn out on self-patterning/self-striping sock yarns but I’m still a little nervous about patterns that incorporate lace. Those tend to use the solid colors I’ve been wanting to try lately. I’ve got a few Fiber Trends patterns and a Cherry Tree Hill one. Perhaps I’ll rummage the pattern color binder and see what strikes me best.

Tata for now!!


One response to “Take a guess!

  1. (the image is named “shimmersleeve”! What sort of guesses do you expect?)

    I suggest blue and purple for *anything*… so my colour advice is perhaps not the best. 😉

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