Ah, Monday.

A new week has begun. Spent all of Sunday cussin Verizon every which way, and some for Cablevision too. Seems like every time I turn around my DSL is acting up. And when I call to complain I get a recorded message explicitly STATING they know something is wrong with my city’s connection. F#$%%$rs. Then I called Cablevision and thanks to Mr. Bean(you idiot!) I not only have to pay a $40 reconnection fee, I DON’T get the new customer discount for 6 months. So no cablenet for me either. Thank you, Frank.

On with the knitting. I’ve had time to think and I have decided that Belle is not going to be thrown to the frog pond. Instead I will let her simmer a while until I can muster the courage to pick her up again. I did rip X-back though. I just couldn’t stand the way it knit up. But on the upside.. I’ve started the One Skein Wonder from Glampyre Knits. Unfortunately, it seems as though I’ll run out of yarn and darnit if I didn’t use some obscure discounted chunky wool for it. So, unless I can get more from Smiley’s I’m screwed.

That’s about it for now. Off to work again! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ETA: I’ve finished off the main part of the shrug and the ‘sleeve/ribbing’ will be done in a cream colored worsted weight yarn, which I’m doubling to meet the thickness of the original yarn. And the ribbing is on size 5s. Way to go, Bean. Thing is, had I thought to just use THAT yarn doubled.. I still wouldn’t have had enough. Oh well.


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