But, the Point is…

NICE!  I liked there. Lots of pretty yarn, a nice atmosphere. It’s definitely roomier than KnitNY. But they basically serve the same types of cafe snacks AND they too have a buy-$200-in-goods-and-get-10%-off-your-next-purchase type thing. I almost reached it too. Til I sat and thought about it. More specifically, this.  I’d been looking and looking at X-back, pining for it, thinking it won’t fit me. Then I’m reading/hearing that people that I KNOW are skinnier than me commenting on how the small sizes are way too big! So, after consulting with Karen, who I met up with at The Point,  I decided to give it a shot.  So I bought someXbackfixings_and_dowels Lion Brand Incredible (I’ve read quite a few people have used this for X-back with no problem), because the yarn I saw today at The Point was just wayyyyy too expensive.

There are also some dowels for making my own needles. I don’t really use straights much anymore but they’ll come in handy for teaching others and dishcloths. And I need a way to get back into my claying.

I got the needles at The Point before realizing I needed a circular for X-back and not DPNs. Well, they’ll come in handy at some point right? Right!  But the cute little sheep tape measure will come be well used.

Then after all the knitting and shopping Karen gave me a ride home! Way cool! Thanx K!

And then there’s this I started Friday evening: Pinwheelblanket
It doesn’t look like a blanket but that’s what it’s going to be. I have no particular person who I’ll give it to. I’m basically just stashbusting. This is being made with some of those 8 balls of Bernat Cherish which has been discontinued.  I can’t find any decent patterns to use it with, so I chose to make the ‘big-a$$ doily-blanket’.

Don’t worry, CPRRL is still getting sewn together and soon you’ll get to see pics of that AND Big Sack, finally finished. We’ve been having some cool days(tomorrow is SUMMER grrrrrrrrr) lately, so.. If we have a few more, that’s when I’ll take the pics!



One response to “But, the Point is…

  1. I’m not an enabler, really I’m not. 🙂

    You’re quite welcome for the ride. Though, the monkeykid had a meltdown because his new friend left. Crying til we got several exits away on the highway…And I thought I needed the tylenol for the sore throat…

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