Almost there…

The school year is almost over. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. For the next two months the only reason to get up at an ungodly hour would be those days I work a long shift. My knitting’s been suffering. I don’t  knit on the bus anymore; either I’m standing or the driver is a maniac and I’m afraid of impaling myself on a needle should we crash.  I’ve had to report a few of the drivers for their reckless driving behaviors… ridiculous!

Almost done with CPRRL:


Excuse my rumpled bed, please. All that’s left is to sew the sleeves onto her. I’m really not looking forward to this task, as you can probably tell. It’s not like I can wear her anytime soon, so I’m in no MAJOR hurry.

Then there are these: Finally_jazzed_up

Check out how one sock is WAY bigger than the other. The bigger sock was just finished. The other one, was done a year ago! (Don’t ask.) I’m sure I used the same size needle, which was a size 1. I didn’t have any needles smaller than a 1 when I made the first sock so I know I made it with a 1. The second sock, however, was done on a different set of bamboo 1’s so perhaps a difference in brand sizing is what caused it to come out bigger. Then there’s always the your-guage-will-change-over-time reason.

I keep hearing about The Point(sorry, no web site) and I want to go check them out. The lovely CooknKnit got to go AND she also was there when none other than Amy Singer( Knitty editor!) stopped by. But man, do I need more yarn? No. And I KNOW that if I go in there I’ll want to come home with something.  It’s time for some new fibers. I’ve worked the acrylic, wool, cotton, alpaca, and mohair set. Sari Silk? Hemp? Bamboo?! Those are all sooooo expensive.

Then there’s W. I want to make her and yet, I’d want to use a light yarn. A ribbon yarn might work. I haven’t knit with that either. And thanks to the negative ease of the pattern it would fit. All I need now is a good strapless bra-thingy.


5 responses to “Almost there…

  1. I believe I have some bamboo if you want to play with it…let me know when you can get together. Maybe Sunday we can go to the Point so you can check it out? Oh wait, it’s father’s day. Can’t leave the monkey with the hubby on his day…hell, I can take him with me if you want to meet.

  2. You do too need more yarn! 😉

    And you’d look hot in W.

  3. i am fearful, as well, of public transportation and knitting. i don’t want to poke someone in the eye and end up in the newspaper.
    love the cute schoolgirl picture!

  4. I just looked at the doilies you made. It is silly maybe, but I LOVE doilies irationaly. When I find them at the flea market, I bring them home and wash starch and pin them out. My goodness. How could someone let their doilie go, I just do not know. Their Mothers handwork. Well, I dont take in unwanted cats and dogs exactly, but I do take in uncared for doilies! You do beautiful work.

  5. Hemp, IMO, is like kite string and not pretty. I gave my hemp /wool away, it hurt my hands to use it. I got it from someone on the knitty board.
    Sari Silk unless you get Mango Moon, is all red and looks raggy when you knit it up. It looks prettiest hanging in hanks.
    Soy silk is good. Bamboo is good. Maybe the price will go down. One ball of the soy silk will make a Branching Out. I think.

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