Alrighty, then!

Everyone here is getting over some sort of cold or another. And as usual, I’m last.

Been de-stashing as promised and guess what I found? A ball of black WoolEase and a ball of black Patons Classic Wool. Can you tell which is which?

I can’t, either. What drunken stupor was I in when I decided NOT to save the label to at least ONE of them. Duh. Throw that in the dumbass pile.

Then there’s this:

This is me trying to finish a pair of socks I started almost a year ago! Yeah. Exactly. I wasn’t too excited about them after the pattern stitch didn’t show up too well in this particular self-striping yarn. But during the de-stashing I found the yarn and decided that since Belle is driving me nutto, I’d start(finish?) something quick and stimulating.

I also encountered these crocheted doilies  I’d made within the last two years.  I plan to go back to crocheting but only for the doilywork. I love knitting but I can’t see knitting a doily. That would drive me crazier than Belle. At least then my hooks will get a workout every now and then.

So, all told, I’ve reduced my once 4-bin-and-myriad-plastic-bags stash down to one bin and a 2-drawer file cabinet. Some lucky knitter or two will receive what I’ve decided I’m not going to use.

My SP3 pal is back in the saddle after a fallout with her computer! She wrote to tell me she does indeed have an extra package for me. I can’t wait to hear how she likes my return gift. Shhhh it’s a secret!


2 responses to “Alrighty, then!

  1. Mystery black yarn… ooh, a reason to burn things! *sinister cackle*
    I regularly do the burn test on yarns when I *DO* know what they are… not because I’m a part-time pyromaniac… just to remind myself how different yarns behave. Really. That’s it. *shifty look*

  2. Re: the Point…maybe we can go together. Let me know. 🙂

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