Ut Oh

I’ve been working on Belle Epoque for a few months now and I’ve come to a realization: I might not have to make the body as long as the instructions say. I’m a short, short-waisted woman and it’s very likely I’ve already met the length I’d need for the sweater to come to my hips, as it does on the model in the photo. The model is also the pattern author. I’m trying to decide how I’m going to determine if the sweater is long enough. There are no schematics for the pattern so I’ll just have to wing it.

Stash organizing is NOT going well. I simply keep forgetting. I work long hours lately and then when I come home all I want to see is my bed. I suppose I can rest comfortably with the fact that at least my yarn is kept in plastic bins, safe from prying children who like to unravel WIPS(like my son did once when I first started knitting and didn’t know any better).

I’ve been so tempted to get one of those standing knit baskets but they’re soooo expensive. What I really need is a set of these bad boys. And to think, I was at BB&B yesterday but hubby and I were full of pillows :). Maybe next month. (Ha! more like Maybe Xmas).


3 responses to “Ut Oh

  1. `When you changed blog spots, the computer wouldnt go there. Now I can, magic! I am so sorry your pets are not going to make it. But. Happy you got to go shopping and have done so well on your new sweater! You are loosing weight, you are so generally cheerful, you are like a paraket yourself! We had Pitter Patter, a blue female for years. She would fly into my bedroom, they are good pets. I need to ask you about needle storage. Do you want the hanging circular holder, the one that hangs from a clothes hanger, or the one that has plastic sleeves you keep in a binder? I have found an affordable source for the plastic, and have fabric to make the hanging one. I just havent been sewing. I am not done with my gifts for you either. I have to put my picture in the last box. Did you use the lambs pride for the butt bag? button bag. Bad about the cream not felting as much, we should have known, right? Grrrr. But it looks good as is. I am glad you got good shoes. But we should each wear good shoes, humans feet need care on cement. Anyway, I am not done with you yet as my secret pal. Love, Seven.

  2. Oh good, I get another chance. I forgot this part: When people cant choose what to eat, then its a game for you. You win, because you suggest the most expensive thing on the menu. Its your prize. You could also suggest the most revolting thing, like a liver and onion sandwich, or whatever is the most repulsive. You can be creative that way, and find some enjoyment in serving the public. You could also get written up in a newspaper article as being the most creative server.

  3. A liver and onion sandwich! Seven has me rolling!!!

    How much were pillows at BB&B? I need a new one, but I’m picky on type, looking for JUST the right one, and refuse to spend more than $30 on a pillow….

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