Today is a sad day. It’s a wonder I’m even posting. Nothing seems to be going well these last few days.

First, Buttonhole is STILL damp and it’s been like 4 days. Then hubby comes home this morning and tells me a former coworker passed away the other night in his sleep. He was only 36. And then P. Sunny is also dying. There’s no vet available to take care of her and the diarrhea drops I bought this morning were useless. She won’t drink. Thankfully Batman is in full spirits.

I’m sitting here trying to concentrate on Belle. I know the stitch-pattern like the back of my hand but I’m bored to tears. Still have about 6 inches to put on her before the armholes. And the more I read the pattern the more frightened I get of being able to actually understand it at that point.

I’m still trying to make up my mind what projects I want to work on next. I’m not all that fond of cotton yarn although I heard blends are better in terms of elasticity and drape, and so are the best of both worlds. I can’t see knitting any summer tops though, as by the time I get done with them it’ll be cold again. I’m always behind. It’s pathetic. I could use some dishcloths though.. Hmmm.

I’ve got two balls of white Cascade Fixation that I don’t have earmarked for a pattern. There was a pattern on Knitty for socks makde of Fixation but I forget why I never tried it. I think it’s because I don’t have enough yarn. Hmmm.


One response to “Sadness

  1. Sorry to hear about the coworker and P. Sunny. 😦

    If you need some more Fixation, I have a not quite full ball in a mixed color (purples) if you like.

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