Buttonhole and Sack

Finally got the sleeves of Big Sack sewed up. Still holding off on finished pics of her until the horrid ends are done in. But here’s  Buttonhole Bag all done and drying as we speak:

Buttonhole_pre_feltThis is the bag before felting..

and here it is hanging to dry:

Dumb me didn’t think to put the KA packet back for reference but I can tell you this: Of course, the creme color didn’t felt as quickly as the other two. I’m guessing if I left it in the machine long enough for all the colors to felt uniformly the bag would have shrunk considerably more. It didnt’ actually shrink as much as I thought it would, but rather it’s more compacted.

And oh it’s FUZZY!! I’m definitely going to have to invest in a lint shaver now. Especially since I have a bunch more of the Lamb’s Pride yarn to work with. But after that.. I might have to go with doubling Cascade or something if I want a bulky knit.

I almost had a lapse today. Went surfing and came across some grab bags I almost couldn’t resist. then Shetha talked some sense into me and I didn’t buy any yarn. I’d like that pattern I was going to buy it for, though. It’s a Modular Felted Backpack and it rocks! Well, it LOOKS like it rocks, I haven’t knit it yet. I just hope I have enough in my stash to do it with so I won’t have to buy any yarns. And then…finding the notions to put it together with should be a cinch!

My friend MC crochets and is really interested in felting a crocheted bag. If anyone can help her out with a pattern it’d be greatly appreciated! She also going to try Kool Aid dyeing for the first time and has inspired me to get back into that. It’s going to be fun for the summer!  I even saw some websites with info on dyeing yarns with spices!! Shetha’s site is one such place.

So, there’s a way to wind hanks into pull skeins, using a yarn swift and ball winder. But there’s GOTTA be a better way to wind balls into hanks for dyeing  besides winding stuff around chairs and crap. I wish this could come to me in a dream ’cause it sure ain’t happening while I’m among the conscious. I’ve tried enlisting the arms of hubby, and children but they always start to whine and sulk and fuss if required to stand still for more than 20 seconds so that’s out. I guess I’ll have to go back to winding them around a big piece of cardboard. I’m talkin BIG like taller than your average 2 year old. At least then I’ll get some upper arm strength!


3 responses to “Buttonhole and Sack

  1. Don’t they know that they’re only around to help wind yarn? Sheesh!! 🙂

  2. Have you bought the pattern for the backpack yet? I just sent mine to Monkee! I will never do it I know. Here you bought it! Dang! It uses either 5 colors, or 16. That is really something, that you got it too. What can I say. Great minds, and all. I really like it too.

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