(Warning: non-knitting rant ahead. Skip to the middle of the post if this bothers you.)

You. WTF is your problem? Why do people come into a fast food/cafe place and ask the cashiers ‘What’s good here?. What do you suggest?’. Lady, if you can’t decide what to put in your stomach maybe you need a nurse or something to help you. Cause I sure as hell can’t. I WORK here, of course I’m going to suggest the most EXPENSIVE items on the menu. Duh. Hurry up so I can serve the people who know what they want.

And you. WTF is the deal with charging me $2.00 to get money out of an ATM? This is really getting ridiculous. Hubby just doesn’t understand WHY I want an unlimited Metrocard of my own. Why? so I don’t have to pay $2.00 to get to my own bank or one of those banks that don’t charge a fee(like Washington Mutual or Wachovia) just to take money out for free. Bastards.

You too. Sitting in the ER while ONE attending physician handles the pediatric and adult ERs. WTF? Nevermind. My pressure is already high.

(end of rant)

So yeah. I’m sitting in there waiting with Firstborn to be attended to and I’m knitting away on Buttonhole. Then I ran out of yarn. Got Dammit. Well ok, I kinda KNEW that was gonna happen. But what really burns my biscuit is that it didn’t run out near the end of a row. Fark it. It’s gonna be felted anyway, right?

I just commented on Splityarn  about this ‘illness’ called Startitis. She’s gotten herself immersed in projects/ideas lined up for the near future. I’m having the same problem. So many patterns, so much yarn, so little time and money.  Patterns from Knitty, some felted bags, and OMG I forgot Charlotte!  Help! Someone needs to form a 12-step program or start a 5k run/walk for Startitis cause I’m going NUTS. What’s worse is I don’t use stash when I come up with spur-of-the-moment projects. Well that’s not entirely true. I tend to use stash for socks but then I don’t just knit socks cause I think they’re cool and pretty. But rather cause I need socks. So when I SEX for sock yarn it gets used… eventually.

But when it comes to other projects or things bigger than hats and socks I wind up buying new yarn. Bad Bean. I don’t trust myself to use stash for unexpected projects because I somehow never have enough to make things in one color. I’d wind up having to stripe everything.  It’s so bad that there’s this sweater-vest meant to be made of leftovers?–I’d buy NEW yarn to make it because I don’t trust my leftovers-measuring judgement! Really Bad Bean.

I think I’ll go run through my stash and brainstorm some more.. nothing like SEXing one’s own stash.


One response to “Grumpy(or,WTF?)

  1. Hi there! I’m new to your blog and found you by doing a Google search for the term “Belle Epoque”. Ring a bell (or should I say “belle”)? Anyway, I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive and am also going to attempt it in the Softer as you apparently did. How are you liking it (both the yarn and the pattern)? I’m a fairly new knitter and like you would rather knit than crochet these day (I’ve been crocheting for over 20 years!). But I’m a bit intimidated by this pattern — it looks harder than anything else I’ve ever attempted (knit-wise, that is). Anyway, just thought I’d say hello and let you know that I’ll be working through Belle Epoque with(though slightly behind) you so if you happen upon any important info, I’d appreciate you passing it on to me. You can email me at anytime!

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