Throw another WIP on the Bar-B(or ‘Start-itis’)

I’ve had major fun the last few days. On Sunday I was downtown running some errands(yeah, you can do that in NYC!), and decided to get those 17s I need for the Buttonhole Bag. I stopped by Knit-a-Way(formerly Knitting Hands) on Atlantic Avenue and found a SALE! *insert wide grin and psycho laughter here*.

All yarn with at least 75% wool(except merino) content is 15% off!! for the entire months of May and June *faint*. I couldn’t resist. I stood swaying to the beat of Maroon 5 on my iPod, gazing at the yarns. Then it hit me. WAIT A $#$%in Minute! It’s getting warm, WTF am I gonna do with WOOL? But when I got a look at the Lamb’s Pride section I had my answer. Felted items! If Butthole(oops I mean Buttonhole) Bag comes out ok I’ll could probably wing another. What do you think of these colors?

I think they’re VERY Spring/Summer-y. And that’s a size 19 I figured I’d get while I was there for the 17s. Which are currently buried in this,

my 1st Buttonhole bag. Yeah, I’ve started another project… sad, huh?

I’m kinda sad about the needles. I thought they’d look cool. Well, ok, honestly I was hoping I’d find those wild Addi Turbos. I KNOW they sell them somewhere but I wasn’t interested in messing with the trains that go to KnitNY or Purl. Weekend transit sucks. I plan to make this one a bit longer than stated cause I tend to like my bag bigger.

Then I hit up the stores in search of something special for my former Secret Pal, Seven! I wonder if she’s still reading my blog. I want to thank her in the best way I know how, with a knitted surprise. I just hope she likes it!  I also ran through Bath and Bodyworks, a place I haven’t set foot in in YEARS. Almost lost my mind. So many items on sale 3 for $10 I had to leave. I would have gone broke for sure! My favorite fragrance is still available: Sun-Ripened Rasperry. But I don’t think they sell Green Apple anymore 😦 Bummer. Peach and Orange were hubby’s favorites. But I didn’t really stay long to check out everything ’cause I knew I’d be in serious trouble.  I’d read somewhere about these cool bags they have that can be used as knitting totes. Really pretty too, alas, I had to let that go as well. I don’t need more bags(unless I make them!).

Yesterday Hubby and I went out and had some adults-only time. The kids love their sitter(my best friend) so she was glad to take them on ‘after hours’ so Mr. BeanKnit and I could be free to celebrate us  for a change.  I bowled a crappy two games, and I STILL beat him! :)) Then it was off to dinner at Applebees where we ran into our former boss from years ago! It was great seeing you, Tony! Then we tore thorugh Toys R Us( Why, we’re adults!… yeah right Hubby’s just a big kid anyway). I’d been meaning to get my hands on the Dance Dance Revolution game for the LONGEST time. Yet another incentive to move Sugar Boogers out of our room and into her Big Sis and Brother’s room. Hell she’s always in there anyway trying to get in their beds.

At this moment, I’d like to hold a moment of silence for my mindless hubby who foolishly thought he’d get a full Xbox system for under $150. *shakes at Hubby in disbelief* Hello? Is this thing on? PS2’s cost $200. Why? because it has what you need(ok it only has 1 controller but at least it does everything it’s touted to do right out of the box) Xbox-thingy still needs a DVD playing Kit(sold seperately). I’m still laughing at his dumb ass.  *side note: Yes, I’m aware that recently Xbox was stated to have fire-risk issues but they’ve since rectified the problem and are only offering the safe boxes for sale now. Or something like that*

The kids were well spent when we arrived to pick them up. We’d all had a good day.  I was even able to get into(and still be able to sit, breathe and bend over) a size 18 pants!!  I’m lovin it! Hopefully with the Workout mode in DDR I can bring that number down some more before the year’s over! 15 lbs down, 85 more to go!  I can already bend well enough to paint my own toes. Who needs to pay for a pedicure! I can do them myself! 😀



One response to “Throw another WIP on the Bar-B(or ‘Start-itis’)

  1. Yay for the weight loss!!!

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