I’m Not Cute

I thought I was being cute this morning. Thought I was going to use Noro Kureyon for my buttonhole bag. Boy was I wrong. I was on my way to work, read the pattern more closely, and realized the yarn is to be DOUBLED. Great. There’s NO way I could do this with Noro because then I wouldn’t have enough yarn. Lamb’s Pride Bulky has more yardage per skein. Oh well. I was saving the Noro for another Booga Bag anyway.

This doubling business makes things complicated. I’m going to have to take each color and divide it into two balls so I can knit two strands at once. I need a vacation. Really. Just give me a week and I can finish all my unfinished projects that are wasting away.


3 responses to “I’m Not Cute

  1. Me too….I need a vacation. 🙂

  2. you are so cute!! 😡 mmmmmwaaaahhhhh no go see pictures of my kidlet being “marking” her territory bwwaaahhhaaahhaaa

  3. if you have a ball winder, you can just wind the needing-to-be-divided skein and work with both the inside and outside end of the same ball… saves the bother of dividing.

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