Crazy Hubby

My husband is nuts. He has to be if he thinks I’m going to pay $128 and only get one pair of shoes. He says to me " Um.. you paid $130 for what?? What do these things look like? Do they walk FOR you? ".. I said,"No, I paid that for TWO pairs.."  I’m not the knucklehead to go spend that kind of cash on something I might not wear but once a week(weather permitting). But I find that Payless just isn’t cutting it for me. I don’t know WHY they have big-ass Star Jones pushing them shoes when we ALL know heavy people should NOT be wearing CHEAP SHOES. (No, Karen, that doesn’t inclue you, Trust me).

It’s a sad state of affairs. I didn’t get to knit anything out of that Hot Knits book I got from the library last month. Renewed it and everything. I’m just not feeling anything from it, really. They look fairly nice, but the stuff I really want is WAY too small(that’s the story of my life!). Maybe I’ll take one last look-through before I take it back.

I’ve decided there won’t be a pillow after all. It’s not speaking out to me. The buttonhole bag is screaming KNIT ME! So I’ll listen to that.

Just a few more rows of the Big Sack sleeve and then the collar and finally the sew-up. I should at least finish this one before CPRRL since I started it WAY back in um… November? Really sad, huh?


One response to “Crazy Hubby

  1. Hey… you gotta go with what screams at you. 🙂 I’ev got a pair of socks that I need to finish because so many other projects are talking at me louder. 😛

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