Crazy Mother’s Day

Whoa. What a day. I awoke this morning with my hubby coming in to tell me that one of my little hamster-daughters is passed away. I had a funny feeling she wouldn’t last too long. She seems lethargic sometimes while her sister ran like mad. I hardly got to play with her. The pet shop would have refunded the cash but the place was WAY out of the area so we just cut our loses.

Then it got better… no breakfast. Lovely. That’s ok because I’m going to go OUT and enjoy my day and hubby could have the little runions. So out I went

This is a damn shame. $128 in shoes from Aerosoles. I couldn’t help it! *evil laughter*.The saleslady tried to get me to buy a $150 leather purse. No way in hell, lady. It wasn’t even big enough for all my crap. If I can’t get my work clothes and knitting in there, f- it.  I didn’t get the pedicure and manicure I was planning on but that’s ok. I can do that some other day I guess. Plus it was too cool to wear the kind of shoes needed to show off my toes.  Bummer.

As luck would have it, hubby’s birthday is coming soon(and my son’s too!) So half of my shopping spree went to him! Ain’t THAT a bitch?! Came home, and no dinner. Bastige. That’s ok. cause I work on his birthday so he’s on his own..*more evil laughter*.

I DID get to finish the increases on the Big Sack Sleeve while traveling. It’s almost done and ready to be attached. I sure hope it’s the right size this time. I am getting gauge but then I got gauge the first time and we all know how THAT turned out.


2 responses to “Crazy Mother’s Day

  1. $128 in Aerosoles?!? What did you buy?!?

    Don’t feel bad…I didn’t have breakfast either…

  2. Sorry about the hamster šŸ˜¦

    Be sure to go back for the manicure/pedicure very soon! You deserve it šŸ™‚

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