Is It My Breath?

What? No one has anything to say? Am I that boring?? (Don’t answer that.)

Ok what have I been doing? I’ve been knitting, working, knitting, working and finishing off more Stephanie Plum. I’ve read all I can of her; nothing new til June at least 😦 Laughed my fool head off on the bus with "Visions of Sugar Plums", a Christmas Stephanie Plum story. It was shorter than expected, but vintage Stephanie all the way.

Buttonhole bag is still in the planning stages. Still haven’t made it to the store to get stuffing for the Mohair Diamond swatch pillow (hereforth to be known as simply, The Diamond Pillow).

Family News:
Welcome to our newest daughters(yes, I’m crazy like that, couldn’t you tell?)… Midnight

and P. Sunny(stands for Partly Sunny)

I came home from work yesterday and there they were snuggling into their new home.

Progress pics of Belle and the revival of Big Sack coming soon!!


2 responses to “Is It My Breath?

  1. Your new kids are adorable!!!

  2. I can’t smell your breath at all.


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