Got it!

I finally found something to make with the 3 skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky my secret pal sent me:


I’m going to use most of it for a buttonhole bag . Funny thing, the red bulky Lamb’s Pride I used for the unfinished Fuzzy feet(see WIPs) is a different red than the one my SP sent me. I don’t want to use the natural because that’ll get dirty. So I’m thinking the majority of the bag will be one red and the rest will be the red I was using for the slippers, since I won’t need that much of it.            

Yay I’m off tomorrow. That means I can get some serious rows done.  I plan on working with Belle, finishing up that dreaded green sock and starting the buttonhole. (hehe, I keep wanting to ‘say’ BUTTHOLE.. I can just imagine how many sick puppies will be looking that up on the net and winding up here on my blog!).

Speaking of buttholes.. Ugh, what a day. I’ve certainly had my share of them today but I won’t go into details.

I’m really digging the new Artbin yarn tote I got yesterday. It’s a little awkard to carry on the shoulder but it’s great for knitting straight from the bag, because it has a sturdy bucket bottom.  And it’s roomy enough to carry knitting as well as non-knitting items.  Got it from for half off! It’s still on sale although not at 50% off, so why not give it a shot! The needle roll included is a little skimpy but it suffices for the amount of supplies I was carrying around and I got to add my little needle stash I kept in my window sill. I still have a bunch of other needles that need a roll-home and that $9 needle case is offering from Artbin is looking rather tempting.


Ok fark it. I finished the green socks tonight; here they are (forgive my fat legs!) Now I can move on to some spring socks!



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