in the saddle needle again.  After  some family health issues and no internet service for a day, I’m back. I just couldn’t bring myself to post from hubby’s computer! The settings are all…. wrong. My router took a crap on us Wednesday and since the blasted thing is 6 years old I decided it would be best to get a new one… Took me all night to get the damned thing going right but now we’re rolling.

I was on hold with my ISP and futzing with the Linksys people so much I got  a few more rows of Belle done in the meantime. I’m not sure how I’m going to make the test swatch of Mohair Diamonds into a pillow; I’ll have to make another swatch first.

I’m also waiting for a new knitting tote. Kinda.. fugly isn’t it. Ok, it’s not fugly, it’s just not very Spring-like. The nice Liz Claiborne tote I got is big but I use it mainly to transport my work-related items and as Belle is getting bigger by the row I need something that’ll not only hold Belle but also the work clothes and little odds and ends without killing my shoulder.  The Liz bag is cute and sassy but  it’s not meant for REALLY hauling. I got the tote for 50% off(don’t you just LOVE those sale coupons?), so I’m not feeling too bad about getting yet ‘another bag'(says hubby).

I’ve decided Artic Green Apple Kool Aid.. is NOT for drinking. the stuff is HORRID.  Maybe I didn’t put enough sugar in it. I don’t need any more sugar.. some customer told me I’m ‘sweet as it is!’. We’ll see.  *chuckle*

I don’t know if you’re still reading my blog Secret Seven, but I haven’t forgotten you! I hope you are doing well and enjoying your newest Pals, if you’re in round 4.

I’d also like to thank all you lovely Typepad people who’ve inspired me to use Typepad. It’s a bit pricey but it’s allowing me to do things I couldn’t really do on my other blogging services.

And last but not least. Thanks goes to all who’ve welcomed me here to my new ‘home’. I’m loving it already.


One response to “Back..

  1. Arctic green apple- ICK!! I have a few of those… nasty. Must dye yarn. I’m afeared that the colour will be as nasty as the taste.

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