Been up half the night. And no, I wasn’t knitting, although I was thinking about it. Instead, I was trying to fix this blog up.

Speaking of fixing, it’s time to run through and reorganize my stash, again. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to pick up more WIPS and have several going at once like I used to. I still need to bump some of the long-standing WIPS off the list first.

And I’m still working on that test of the Mohair Diamonds, in good old Bernat(and some Red Heart, I think). I can’t seem to stop, it’s so much fun. But gosh, all those ENDS… yes I did try to weave some in as I went but I can’t get them all and there are just too many; so I’m going to adapt this huge ‘swatch’ into two pieces for a pillow! I’ll have an excuse to run through Michael’s for the stuffing and then ‘accidentally’ wind up with a bunch of other stuff in my basket, heehee.

Once I’m reorganized, I might be able to get a little low table in here with me so I can have a permanent swift-and-ball-winder set up going. I’ll need to in order to get the Charlotte’s Web Shawl yarn rolled up and ready to go.  Of course this will mean finally moving the Sugar Boogers out of our room(YAY!), though I’m not too sure her siblings will appreciate her moving into their room :))


6 responses to “Whew!

  1. welcome to your new home! i like it more already.

  2. New blog looks great!

  3. Beanerweiner! i just am stopping in to tell you I love you and I miss you! Sorry I havent been online anymore ..I am going to work harder at keeping in touch.

  4. Hi LaBean, Like the new look.

  5. Hi LaBean, Like the new look.

  6. Like the new home!

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