Today is the beginning of a new knitting era. Ok, so maybe not. This is my first time trying Typepad and so far, so good. I was getting sick of tlbog’s unwillingness to answer questions.  Typepad costs more per year but hopefully this will be worth the money. Yeah right.

What’s up for the new Daily Insanity? Hopefully some nice stuff. more WIP pics, FO pics and me IN them…(I hope). Of course the usual links, shop favorites and such. Any ideas for sprucing up the place that are Typepad-compatible please let me know?

And remember,


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Hey, nice place ya got here.

    *hands Tamara a blog-warming bouquet*

    Lots of room to grow, good light, nice new paintjob.

    *walks around the perimeter*

    Yup, I like it!


  2. I like it!! perhaps one of these days I’ll PAY for a blog service….but somehow i doubt it 😛 until then its blogger for me *blah*
    mmmmwwwaaaaaahhhhhh :*

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